Hello and Welcome.

This place is like a  library of Freedom Lovers, truth seekers (many of them banned by the Big tech and censored by the Elite mafia of our society).
It’s easy to use from a smartphone, from a PC or from a tablet. This website is still a newborn portal, but already you have access from one place only, to many social media platforms usually scattered all around the Internet that these good people have been using.

Here you will find links to free journalists, reporters, commentators, truth seekers, freedom fighters, people who ask real questions and high-frequency humans who bring a message of true peace and true love. Human beings that are connected to their heart and their soul.

All these people have different perspectives, different belief systems, different styles, different colors, shapes and forms, different opinions, but most of them have one thing in common: they pray, they wish, they want, and they fight for a better world based on freedom, peace, love, honesty, respect, and service to others.

These people care about the future of this planet, and they won’t shut up while “Lord of the Darkness” is having a big party in front of our eyes. (it’s a metaphor, use it according to your own belief system).

This world has turned to be upside-down, when true and good values are considered negative and values that are negative, ugly, dark or even stupid, are pushed as propaganda; while our freedom is being hi-jacked exponentially day by day under our noses.

Thanks to these heroes and heroines, people with a powerful vision of a good future, we will win this war, even though many people are blind enough to ignore the ongoing battles.
Some people believe that it’s enough to raise the frequency of this planet to solve most of the problems (I am one of those) by raising our own personal frequency.

Enough of us have wakened up, and we come together as the army of the Light, shining through knowledge, through communication and this is when and where we unify with love and self-respect for the divine existence of our lives. And the day will come soon enough, when we will wake up every morning with Joy for Life. The best is on its way. Let’s invite it by opening our heart and mind.