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Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche joins us again to give another stark warning, following the world experiencing exactly what he warned would happen including ADE and excess deaths.
“There is no way for them to step back (WHO and company), if one of these guys even dare to take one step back, they’re going to lynch him in the street. They cannot go back, they have pushed it too far. So they prefer to act as Mafia”

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Iran is set to be the first country to roll out a food rationing scheme (or ‘limited subsidy’) based on new biometric IDs. Where vaccine passports failed, food passports will now be eagerly accepted by hungry people who can’t afford rapidly inflating food prices. This is the realization of a longstanding agenda by the Rockefeller/UN/WEF crowd to, as Kissinger put it, “control food, and control people.” Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

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John Abramson is faculty at Harvard Medical School and a family physician for over two decades. He’s the author of the new book Sickening about how big pharma broke American healthcare and how we can fix it


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