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Kate Awakening13-Jun-2022Q, SSP, sciops, information warfare,
subconsious, hypnosis, past life regression
Craig James
JustInformed Talk Talk
27-Jul-2022God, exposing corruption, free speech,
exposing tyranny, patriot, inform,
enlighten, educate
Jeffery Prather14-May-2021Information, Special Operations Soldier,
DIA, Intelligence Collector, analysis,
global operation, exposing the deep state
InTheMatrixxx29-Aug-2021Truth, Trump, independent journalism,
facts, questions, God bless, sustained perseverance,
Edge Of Wonder09-Apr-2022Exposing Disney, big tech, China, Tyranny,
the great reset, patriot, politics,
freedom, love, humor, child trafficking
Jordan Sather
Destroying The Illusion
05-Jun-2022Independent journalist, truth seeker, content creator,
exposing corruption, exposing the deep-state, exposing medical tyranny,
Corey’s Digs22-Jun-2022Investigative reports, intuition,
patriot, exposing corruption, exposing elite NWO,
exposing conspiracies
And We Know09-Apr-2022God, freedom, patriot, exposing evil,
treason, election frauds, fake news,
enemy of the people, brotherhood,
Amazing Polly29-March-2022Exposing the deep-state, exposing fraud,
exposing corruption, truth seeker
freedom fighter
Alex Newman19-Mar-2022Freedom, God, politics, America first,
planetary health, globalists,
corruption, patriot, culture,
We Are Change08-Apr-2022 Website
Mike Adams01-May-2021Natural medicine, liberty, healing foods,
entrepreneur, doer, information, politics, health,
exposing tyranny and conspiracies
Nick Moseder19-Mar-2022Exposing corruption, election fraud,
Stew Peters31-Mar-2022Big pharma, medical tyranny, biological weapons,
fraud elections, patriot, red voice media, war crimes,
Doug Billings
The Right Side
14-Jun-2021God, Trump, General Flynn,
politics, patriot, exposing evil,
hosting, COVID-19 treatments, news commentary,
M3thods19-Jun-2021Biological weapons,politics, nuclear,
fake news, cnn, patriot
H1veM1nd06-Sep-2021Truth, future together, mind, hope,
exposing the cabal, patriot, love
truth seeker, freedom fighter
War Room31-Mar-2022Biden, history, inflation,
trump, election fraud, illegal aliens,
national institutes, border crisis, trump, patriot
World Alternative
31-Mar-2022Alternative media, pfizer cover-up,
war on humanity, the great reset, ukraine ,patriot
Craig Mason
27-Jul-2022The great awakening, redpill, mind-control,
reasonable-tv, indoctrination, patriot
exposing corruption, brainwashing, justice
Gemma O'Doherty28-Nov-2021Exposing corruption, criminal pedophile elite,
police corruption, investigations, activist
freedom fighter, revolution
Natly Denise3-Dec-2021Cultural, political, commentator,
anti-human trafficking activist
The Red Elephants01-APR-2022Website
London Real17-May-2021 transforming, , information, educate
graduating, doer
Salty Cracker08-Apr-2022Website
Patriots Soapbox31-Mar-2022Website
Deception Bytes01-Jun-2021Detoxification, indoctrination, educate others,
BA Psychology, voter fraud,
exposing corrupted news
Crypto Beadles07-May-2021Blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, progress,
leadership, patriot, constitution,
treason, fraud, freedom, stolen elections
Ron Watkins
31-Jul-2022Exposing corruption, elections fraud,
deep understanding, leader, patriot,
freedom, brotherhood, respect, love,
X22 Report01-Apr-2022Website
Woke Societies02-Apr-2022Website
Truth and Art TV2-Apr-2022Website
James Corbett
The Corbett Report
09-Apr-2022Investigative journalist, exposing NWO,
exposing political corruption, exposing globalism,
The Patriot Hour02-Apr-2022Website
The Mel K show08-Apr-2022Website
Sarah Westall31-Mar-2022Information, free speech, whistleblowers, exposing evil,
exposing educate, news,revolution, change, entrepreneur,
Quite Frankly31-Mar-2022Website
Praying Medic08-Apr-2022Website
Nemos News
23-Mar-2021Independent journalist, patriot, free speech,
information, news, exposing corrupted news,
objective truth, great awakening, Q, exposing evil
Mouthy Buddha31-Mar-2022Exposing deep-state-satanism-cults
exposing pedophilia, exposing human-trafficking,
movie producer
Daniel Liszt
Dark Journalist
08-Jun-2022Truth seeker
Ice Age Farmer18-May-2022Truth seeker
Maria Zeee
Zeee Media
18-May-2022Truth seeker, exposing medical tyranny,
exposing corruption
Lex Fridman18-May-2022Truth seeker
Russell Brand23-May-2022Truth seeker
Dinesh D'Souza
D'Souza Media
26-May-2022Truth seeker, exposing election fraud
Red Ice TV27-May-2022Truth seekesr, exposing corruption
Devin Gibson28-May-2022Truth seeker
Dave Rubin
Rubin Report
28-May-2022Truth seeker, freedom fighter
Ben Shapiro
The Ben Shapiro Show
05-Jun-2022Truth seeker, freedom fighter
Dr. Steve Turley05-Jun-2022Exposing the deep-state, truth seeker
Stroppy me07-May-2022Exposing evil, truth seeker
Tyler Thompson
13-Jun-2022Truth seeker, freedom fighter
Savanah Hernandez17-Jun-2022Truth seeker
Amala Ekpunobi 17-Jun-2022Truth seeker
Cara Castronuova22-Jun-2022Truth seeker, freedom fighter
Clayton Morris
24-Jun-2022Truth seeker, journalist
Whitney Webb
Unlimited Hangout
02-Jul-2022Truth seeker, investigative journalist
Eva Vlaardingerbroek 10-Jul-2022Truth seeker, investigative journalist
Naomi Seibt12-Jul-2022Truth seeker, activist, freedom fighter
Lauren Southern27-Jul-2022Truth seeker, investigative journalist
freedom fighter
Lauren Chen29-Jul-2022Truth seeker
Patriot-Streetfighter24-Apr-2022Patriot, exposing tyranny, God
Lara Logan18-Mar-2022Journalist, reporter, exposing tyranny,
exposing corruption, investigate, patriot, activist,
Dr. Dave Janda
Operation Freedom
09-Apr-2022Exposing MSM, exposing the deep-state,
exposing globalism, exposing corruption
Dave Smith
Part Of The Problem
09-Apr-2022Comedian, truth seeker, freedom fighter,
exposing corruption, exposing hypocrisy,
Titus Frost10-Apr-2022Truth seeker, exposing corruption,
researcher, journalist
Man In America21-Apr-2022Truth seeker, exposing corruption, patriot, God,
freedom fighter
The Last American Vagabond21-Apr-2022Exposing corruption, exposing fake news
Greg Hunter
21-Apr-2022Journalist, truth seeker,
Millie Weaver22-Apr-2022News Reporter, Journalist,
Political Commentary
Nathan Stolpman
Lift The Veil
22-Apr-2022Truth seeker, journalist
An0maly23-Apr-2022Truth seeker
Drew Hernandez
30-Jul-2022Truth seeker, investigative journalist
Freedom Force Battalion26-Apr-2022Exposing the deep-state
Lori Colley27-Apr-2022News analyst, exposing corruption
Christopher James27-Apr-2022Exposing corruption, exposing pandemic fraud,
BCP29-Apr-2022Exposing corruption, exposing globalism,
exposing fake news
Nick Alvear29-Apr-2022Exposing Holywood, exposing the deep-state
Awakening with JP30-Apr-2022Freedom fighters, exposing conspiracies,
Viva Frei04-May-2022Truth seeker, lawyer
Candace Owens05-May-2022Activist, freedom fighter, truth seeker
Monkey Werx US07-May-2022Aircraft Overwatch,
government corruption