Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. McCullough’s message to lawmakers and the media has always been the urgent necessity to treat high-risk patients to help them avoid hospitalization and death. His conviction has been guided by his Hippocratic Oath to treat the sick to the best of his ability and judgment. Unfortunately, his work on early treatment was not welcomed by public health authorities or by the medical center at which he held a ranking position. The latter severed his long-term physician employment. Later he was also stripped of professorships at Texas A & M and Texas Christian University/University of North Texas Schools of Medicine, and removed from multiple pharmaceutical, National Institutes of Health, and medical society positions. All of these punitive actions were taken without courtesy communications or due process. He was later sued by his former institution for a temporary restraining order to effectively silence him in the media. 


if you want to take it over, you are welcome to contact me at: info@truth4freedom.net

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