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A sting in the trumpet

A sting in the trumpet

A sting in his trumpet

President Trump creates a very big confusion among some of his fans, when he brags that he managed to put pressure on the FDA and instead of many years, he managed to get a vaccine approved within 9 months.
I also raised an eyebrow because it did not make sense, I didn’t understand the motivation behind his declaration.

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I heard opinions from different people, diverse reactions of course;
Someone called him a liar;
Someone claimed he worked for Big Pharma.

How a person who in 4 years has achieved so many positive results for US residents and Earth inhabitants, suddenly supports a “product” that may be dangerous to health. And that has never been tested in the long term,
pretty controversy, isn’t it?

Four years without wars, on the contrary, he issued peace agreements.
The president who caught the most criminals involved in HUMAN TRAFFICKING;
the president who built a wall around his country to prevent malicious intrusion of illegal immigrants;
and many other achievements – and all this even though he was under the DEEP-STATE attack without a minute’s rest, non-stop attacks to harm his status, him and his family.
They tried everything to destroy him –

despite this, he was a beloved (or hated among the zombies) president who truly cared for his people, and the whole world benefited from him.

Suddenly, he comes and sells us vaccines… WTF ???

Our mass vaccination program vs COVID-19 is finally under way – Tempo – The Nation's Fastest Growing Newspaper

And he brags that he took a BOOSTER, even.

And he makes statements (not based on any logical research) that “vaccines are a wonderful thing” and that thanks to his action to expedite the process, he has saved millions of lives.
Complete shock!

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I believe that President Trump truly and sincerely believes that vaccines are “modern”, “advanced” and effective for humanity.
In my opinion, he sees this thing as a “product”. A businessman’s look.
“A good product for humans.”
I believe he is not immune to brainwashing (no vaccine has yet been invented for that) and that he himself has been affected by the TSUNAMI called PROPAGANDA and brainwashing.

I remember that after President Trump ended his term, there was a woman who cried with a heavy heart, because her little son was diabetic, and right after Trump left the White House, the price of insulin raised insanely.
I will not forget how she was in so much pain that she could not afford to pay so much money for this drug. A drug that is supposed to be at a reduced price, as it was under the Trump regime.

He cared about the people and was not a corrupt politician, as most world leaders are under the influence of corrupt globalists, who do not really care about humanity.
I do not believe he received a bribe; I do not believe he lied.
He has always advocated free choice regarding vaccines – unlike dictators like Trudeau, Macron, Biden and all the “good guys”.

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I believe he’s just wrong on this issue, that he has a BLIND SPOT about it and that he really does not perceive the dangers related to vaccines, it is not a business product that is to be sold, does what it is supposed to do, and NEXT!

A sting inside the trumpet, hoping that at some point he will wake up and stop prioritizing a defective product that has never been proven to be  reliable, and effective, and certainly not when it is forced on humans against their own will.

Anyway, he has time to clean up his trumpet, until then there are enough Freedom Fighters fighting to make this world a better place.

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Good luck to all of us with or without any trumpet.

Why is finding the truth so confusing sometimes?

Why is finding the truth so confusing sometimes?

Why is finding the truth so confusing sometimes?

life can be confusing sometimes...

The truth is everywhere and nowhere. What’s true for me might not be true for you.
Sometimes the truth seems very contradictory. I don’t believe that the earth is flat (and I don’t think I ever will), but I saw some good movies explaining how the earth is flat. Why should I judge negatively these people with this belief?

 'I watched an entire Flat Earth Convention for my research ...

I never went out to space to see with my own eyes that Earth is like a ball, but I choose consciously (or not) to believe that it’s round. I decide to believe that those who went out of space speak the truth.

Diversity of belief systems that are confusing and opposite is outside ourselves. So where is the ultimate truth?
First, let’s ask what does the truth bring us? And by truth I mean, positive, well intended, well created and manifested truth. This truth should bring us feelings of beauty, peace, sanity, balance, health, higher vibrations, higher frequency, higher wisdom and higher perception, broader consciousness.

Is the beauty of planet earth true? Is the magnificence of the cosmos true?
Is Love a true thing? Feeling? Vibration? Am I truth?
The truth for each one of us is inside of ourselves. Above the senses, above the thoughts, above the feelings. Anything else outside us are reflections of belief systems.
The danger of beliefs | Awareness Now!
There are all kinds of people (some are completely crazy, in my opinion) fighting for their own belief system, against other different belief systems.

Diversity is wonderful, but when it is observed, considered, evaluated, judged only from outside, it’s limited and has no exit besides wars, struggles, fights and other negative reactions.

Conspiracies are a fact of life, but not necessarily the ones pushed by propaganda machines; the Mainstream Media.

So trying to convince people that the earth is flat is not a crime as long as it comes from respect and love. And if it is confusing you. It’s probably because you didn’t visit your own soul and communicate with your own truth.

Once you find it inside, all the external “truths” look like reflections in the mirror of life, to be observed with a grain of humor.

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