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Knowledge of the Truth is the path to Freedom. Welcome to this website. It is a portal to ALTERNATIVE NEWS. A portal to the GOLDEN AGE, a portal where you can find links to heroes, fighters, patriots of planet earth, digital soldiers, thinkers, masters, high-frequency people who pay the price for reporting stories that are against the narrative of the powerful and mostly corrupted SYSTEM in place. Welcome to watch the video —–>

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Reignite World Freedom
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Globalist GO AWAY!
“Un-elected bureaucracies, like the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum are trying to centralize and digitalize everything…”

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Christine Anderson BRILLIANT SPEECH – EU Parliament Conference Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates

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This weekend in Tampa, the NPC’s came out in full force to protest our Student Action Summit. Drew will be covering some of the messages the protesters left and exclusive footage from the protest. Also, the woke mob is attempting to take down anything they find offensive. Apparently they find exposing child groomers offensive? Stay tuned to see how the groomer war has intensified as the woketards and predators try to eradicate all signs of their grooming.

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Drew Hernandez

Drew Hernandez

Drew Hernandez Drew Hernandez is an Investigative Reporter, Commentator and Podcast Host.He is known for his extensive and viral undercover

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